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 Educational Ideas 
There are many ways to educate your salespeople in order for you to be able to maximize your profits. We will be able to supply you with power point programs, or do in person sales training, but ultimately it will be the excitement that you share with your group that will determine the success, or failure of your project. We will be available to make suggestions to help you thru this process.

: Motivational Ideas ::


"What will motivate your students individually as well as a group?"

Some Ideas to start with:
1. Require each student to sell at least 15 items to fulfill their responsibility to the group. Making this requirement will weed out those who are normally freeloaders and the majority of your troublemakers on trips and activities. After fulfilling this requirement student will receive $5.00 for each 5 items and every 5 packages sold. Example student sells 20 items they will receive $5, 25 items $10 ect. But if they only sell 24 items the award is still at the 20-item level, There is no limit to the money that students may earn. We at
L.C. Fundraising will allow you to subtract 50% of the cost of this incentive from your bill before final payment. All that is required is a list of the students receiving awards and the amounts sold. Please enclose with your payment.

2. Students who sell at least 15 items will receive an additional reward from L.C Fundraising. Student may choose 1 item from any cookie, popcorn, or summer sausage, from sales brochure. In order to receive prize student must order prize by item number as a regular order, sponsor will then subtract total wholesale cost of items before payment.

Make sure all prizes are included in your initial order as we cannot ship prizes seperate from the main order due to the increasing cost of shipping and handling!!!!

  >  Others ideas include taking the qualifying students on a day trip to a water or theme park or making sales as an incentive for National Convention trip. Ect..

3. Offer prizes to your top sellers. These may include everything from Shotguns or supplies to those interested in trapshooting, to cash awards given in 1st 2nd 3rd place award ect.

4. Offer a daily reward, say $5 for each day's top salesperson as well as a mention in the school announcements who the winner is for that day. (Caution: do not attach the amount sold as public information, especially if you are offering a top Sales Award).

5. Tell your students that if the group reaches a certain goal (for example, 1,000 items) then you or one of the other sponsors will do something. It could be anything from allowing the students to cut off your tie, to dressing a certain way one day, to cutting off your mustache or beard, to getting a burr haircut in front of the class.

"What would your students enjoy?"

Other Strategies To Consider:

1. Set and Post written Goals. If you do not have a goal you are sure to hit it. (Lloyd)

2. At the beginning of the sale, arrange for someone from our company to Teach your classes for a day, We will do a short course on sales and marketing, allow the students to sample some of the product and explain the incentive program for the year. You must allow us plenty of time to put you on our schedule as we book up these programs very quickly.

3. Don't forget about order forms from prior sales. Make sure that everyone who supported your organization before is contacted again.

4. Encourage your students to call on local businesses. Have them suggest our products as employee or customer gifts. Sometimes with companies you may have to offer them a better price when a large volume is involved. You may want to provide an added incentive for your students to call on businesses.

5. Spend the first few minutes with every class each day during the selling period checking their progress. The only way to have a successful sale is to monitor progress daily.

6. Remember to encourage your students individually as well as a group. A pat on the back goes a long way

7. To sum it up, you will know what will motivate your students better than we will, Any additional ideas that you may have, please discuss them with us as we will consider partnering with you to accomplish your goals.

Good Luck on your Sale

Lloyd Camp

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