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Fruit Sales have long been the #1 Fundraiser in America. The FFA pioneered Fruit Sales in the mid 70's and most of those doing fruit sales have continued it until it has become a tradition, with the communities requesting fruit many months before it becomes available in the fall.

Fruit sales has had it's share of hurdles to overcome. Fuit sales were begun by growers/brokers that had to depend on Independent Truckers for delivery. There were many problems with this system, such as:

Late deliveries,
No delivery,
Deliveries showing up during the middle of the night,
Truckers leaving their reefers off to save fuel and creating spoilage problems,
Limited selections as customers were limited to one growing location,
Very limited sales materials and Customer support,
Low quality fruit being delivered by some small unethical growers,
Extra high pricing because of the drop charges being charged by independent trucking companies, which were justified because some trucks were running over a 1000 miles out of there way to make all their deliveries.

In 1985 we at LC Fundraising began to change the business model for fruit sales in the midwest. Over the years we implimented changes to make Fruit Sales more customer friendly. Some of these changes include:

1.  Setting up a distribution/inspection/consolidating warehouse within an overnight drive of all our customers.
2.  Inacting a policy that all deliveries would be made during school hours if requested.
3.  100% Satisifaction Guarantee on all products.
4.  High quality Brochures and other sales materials provided at no cost to customers.
5   Quality inspection program that exceeds the USDA guidlines for produce.
6.  Addition of a variety of other Top Selling, High Quality, products for fundraisng.
7.  Student packageing options on many of our products.
8.  Record keeping systems developed to help you track your salespersons progress. Available in various fromats.
9.  In school Educational programs to help your Salespeople understand the importance of your sale and how to promote    your organization in your community.
10. Personalized Brochures are developed for groups desiring these.
11. Personalized Prize Programs developed to increase your sales and reward your salespeople for a job well done.
12. All Deliveries made are on our own trucks with drivers that understand the importance of your fundraisier. 
13. Motivational Ideas have been developed to help you gain the most from your sale.

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